These WCQN Members Lecture & Present Workshops

The Women of Color Quilters Network is a non-profit organization* founded in 1985 by Carolyn L. Mazloomi, a nationally acclaimed quilt artist and lecturer, to foster and preserve the art of quiltmaking among women of color.
It supports its membership through presentations, providing venues for sharing technical information, grant writing, and other services. It offers quilts and fiber art to museums for exhibition, and researches and documents African American quiltmaking. In recent years, the Network has showcased the work of its members before national and international audiences.
An important component of the network's activity is its use of quiltmaking in social and economic development projects. Educational projects and workshops foster exposure to the arts, creative development, and improved self-esteem. These programs present the benefits of quilting to audiences of all ages, income levels, ethnic background and learning abilities.

*(IRC 501(c)(3))



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